• Prasuti Tantra & Stri Roga is a significant branch of Ayurveda mainly dealing with child birth / Parturition (Prasuti Tantra /Obstetrics) and disorders of female reproductive system  ( Stri Roga/ Gynecological)
  • Ayurveda approach for a healthy progeny by Garbhasamkara includes pre conception counselling, pre conception shodhana karma for both partners; Education about normal pregnancy and changes occurring during pregnancy Garbini paricharya (Ahara & Vihara during pregnancy), yoga, mantra, and music therapy are practicing.
  • Unique Ayurveda modality for Normal delivery Basti Karma (Medicated enema with oil or ghee) is administered to pregnant women during 8th & 9th month and Yoni Pichu before the deliver for easy the process of delivery and to prevent complications
  • Specialised unique Ayurveda treated for vandhyatawa (infertility) cases by Uttara Vasti and other medications.
  • Department includes providing Ayurvedic Medical Care and Treatment for various diseases of female like Anartav (Amenorrhea), Artav Kshaya(scanty flow), Artava Dushti (irregular cycles), Asrugdara (menorrhagia), Garbhashaya Shotha, Cysts related to Beeja Granthi, Shroni Shotha (Pelvic Inflammation), kastartava (Dysmenorrhea),PCOD, Thyroids etc.
  • To enhance clinical acumen various treatment modalities for following gynecological conditions in the form of Stanika Chikitsa by Yoni prakshalana,, Yoni Abyanaga, Yonidhavana (douch), Pichu application (Tampooning with medicated oil/ghee), Uttara Vasti (Intrauterine instillation of oil/ghee) etc. are regularly practiced.
  • Hospital provide well equipped labour room and operation theatre for normal delivery, Minor procedure like Uttaravasti, D&C, CuT insertion, Caesarean section, Hysterectomy, Tubectomy, and many other procedures.
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